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Spiritual Direction


About Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a ministry deeply rooted in the Christian tradition. In this ministry, seekers are called to be open to the direction of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Generally, the Spirit is calling them to deepening levels of intimacy with their own inner selves, with other people and with God. Spiritual direction usually involves a gentle enabling of another to express his or her experience in faith, discern its character or movement, and to live in growing fidelity to God’s mysterious call.

The spiritual director helps you to read God’s presence and action in your life by providing a loving, open environment, being a listener and companion, and giving support and feedback. Most fundamentally, the goal of spiritual direction is to help you become more aware of God’s presence in your life and to make life decisions in fidelity to that awareness.

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The Holy Spirit is the real director.  The “human director” assumes no superiority in faith since we all are equal before God. Rather, the director attempts to assume a humble and contemplative posture toward the directee by companioning the seeker in witnessing God’s mysterious, loving presence and action in their life.

Looking for Spiritual Direction?

The Center for Spiritual Development maintains a directory of spiritual directors for referral, including many Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. Referrals are designed to help you find the best fit for your spiritual needs.


For information on spiritual direction and finding a spiritual director, please contact:

Lucy Dominguez

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