The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange Center for Spiritual Development (CSD) offers an oasis of beauty and spiritual symmetry in the center of one of the most vibrant and dynamic urban communities in the country. Established in 1974 as a retreat center, and expanded in 1985 as the Center for Spiritual Development, the CSD continues to provide programs and a serene setting where people from all faiths can nourish their spiritual lives.

In particular, the Center supports those involved in ministry by extending an invitation to prayer, renewal and deepening of ministry skills. The CSD is recognized internationally as an ecumenical and welcoming sanctuary offering quality programs in a peaceful and reflective environment.

The CSD was opened by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange in 1985, as an outreach to address the need for spiritual growth and development in the Southern California area. The Center, a non-profit organization, attempts to address spiritual needs not commonly met at the parish level. This objective is accomplished in conjunction with listening to and collaborating with the Diocese of Orange and local churches to meet the spiritual needs of the community.

The Center, which is located in the City of Orange in central Orange County, consists of several buildings adjacent to St. Joseph Hospital:

•   The main building, a two-story structure used primarily for spiritual retreats and conducting hosted and sponsored programs;
•   La Posada, a one room facility that is used largely for meetings;
•   La Casa, a residential home that serves as a private retreat house;
•   Casitas, the La Casa garage and two adjacent sheds, serve as storage.



That all may be one


 The Center for Spiritual Development, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, a Roman Catholic Congregation, provides both an environment and programs that nourish the spiritual lives of people of all faiths.

Overarching Goals

•   To provide programs which enhance spiritual and ministerial development
•   To be a host facility where churches, organizations, ministerial teams, support groups, school and parish staff members can find a quiet, beautiful, and well-ordered environment which facilitates their purpose in drawing apart for meeting and reflection